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Ennis L. Brinson


Educators are challenged with meeting the academic needs of students, particularly in the subject area of reading. School districts purchase tools such as Achieve3000 to help students improve their proficiency in reading; however, implementation of such interventions has not been explored from the educators' perspective. This study explored 3rd grade reading teachers' views on Achieve3000 as a tool for improving reading proficiency and preparedness for the Florida State Standards English Language Arts assessment. The conceptual framework included the theory of social validity and current research as it related to differentiated instruction. This study utilized a basic qualitative approach to answer these key research questions. The participants included 6 3rd grade reading teachers from 3 Florida schools. Individual face-to-face interviews and a focus group interview session were conducted to answer the research questions. Data were analyzed via open, axial, and selective coding to generate the themes. The findings revealed the 3rd grade reading teachers believed that Achieve3000 can be considered a reliable method for improving reading and preparing students for the reading portion of the Florida Standards Assessment. The findings of this study can positively affect social change by providing educators with an increased repertoire of instructional tools to assist them in meeting the needs of all learners, as well as to prepare students for a technology driven world.