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Kelly Fisher


Emergency department nurses are faced with traumatic patient events while functioning as members of multidisciplinary teams. Critical incident debriefing has been shown to benefit health care professionals and patient clinical outcomes. The purpose of this quantitative correlational study was to examine the relationship between the use of formal post-resuscitation debriefings and perceptions of teamwork in emergency department nurses. The study also addressed the type and timing of debriefing to determine whether these factors impacted perceptions of teamwork. The nurse as wounded healer theory served as the theoretical framework. Data from the Nursing Teamwork Survey were collected from 68 emergency department nurses from across the United States. Data were analyzed using a statistical correlation coefficient. Results showed that when debriefings were done more frequently, were conducted using a formal debriefing method, and were held immediately after a situation, there was a positive correlation with higher levels of trust, team orientation, backup, shared mental model, and leadership. Findings may be used to increase utilization of debriefings and improve perceptions of teamwork among emergency department nurses, which may improve patient outcomes.

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