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African American adults have higher risks of undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes, uncontrolled Type 2 diabetes, and complications from Type 2 diabetes than members of other racial groups. Health care providers in rural Tennessee lack staff training plans for prediabetes screening of older African American adults. In addition, few rural Tennessee health care providers have programs in place to train staff in prediabetes screening, screening instrument use, and interventions for Type 2 diabetes prevention. The focus of this DNP project was on developing an evidence-based staff training program designed to improve knowledge regarding prediabetes screening in older African American adults. Concepts informing the doctoral project were Knowles’ adult learning theory and the Joanna Briggs Institute’s levels of evidence model. This project involved development of a staff training plan for using the American Diabetes Association Risk Calculator to screen for prediabetes. Three stakeholders at a rural Tennessee health care facility (one physician and two nurse practitioners) reviewed the staff training plan and provided feedback on its appropriateness and efficacy. The stakeholders unanimously approved the training plan, finding it an appropriate means of teaching their staff to use the American Diabetes Association Risk Calculator in screening high-risk patients for prediabetes. Once implemented, this staff training plan should contribute to positive social change by improving health outcomes for older African American adults with diabetes in rural Tennessee.

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