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Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)


Business Administration


Dr. Chad Sines



Leaders of nonprofit organizations have challenging responsibilities of satisfying the

demands of all their stakeholders by obeying state and federal regulations.

Noncompliance of regulations can quickly cause a nonprofit organization to lose its tax

exempt status and become nonexistent; thus, it appears that most nonprofits are choosing

to prioritize compliance, while struggling to maintain focus on their mission and services.

Using the conceptual framework of transformational leadership and general system

theories, this case study was to explore strategies leaders of nonprofits organizations in

Pennsylvania that cater to the needs of people with disabilities use for decreasing

regulatory citations to maintain their tax-exempt status. The population for this study

consisted of 5 leaders of a single nonprofit organization in Pennsylvania, who were

purposefully selected with experience for managing nonprofit organizations prevent

citations and maintain their tax-exempt status. I collected data through semistructured

interviews and analyzed the data through inducive word phrase coding and theme

interpretation. Five themes emerged from my analysis of the data: the use of rules as a

guide for quality improvement, leadership focus on organizational strategy, teamwork,

effective communication, and training, as a means of empowering and educating team

members on organizational values and rules. This study contributes to positive social

change by teaching nonprofit leaders’ various strategies for decreasing regulatory

citations, fines, to maintain their tax-exempt status, and fulfill their social missions of

providing needed services in communities.

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