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Debra Tyrrell


Educators must meet the demand to produce a workforce better educated with using 21st-century technology tools. The purpose of this case study was to explore the usefulness of Google Docs as one of those tools by examining 2 main questions. Those questions were how high school students perceive Google Docs could benefit them and how career and technical (CTE) teachers use it to support collaborative learning as a strong part of the learning process. The conceptual framework used included Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory, which focuses on collaborative learning. Participants were 2 teachers and 8 students from 2 urban school districts in the Eastern part of the United States. Data sources were interviews with teachers and student focus group discussions. Data were coded using open coding, and themes and patterns were identified. Results indicated that Google Docs supports student learning by increasing opportunities for collaboration and helping students be more efficient while also preparing them for careers. Students indicated that they saw Google Docs as a learning tool and that they were more engaged while working collaboratively with their peers via the platform. Findings may help CTE teachers and students learn more about how to use web-based technologies to learn via collaboration and may assist students in becoming more successful in their CTE courses and careers.