Date of Conferral



Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Janice M. Long


Health promotion and disease prevention are a focus of population health management. Without ongoing and rigorous evaluation, these programs may be in jeopardy of continuing. The purpose of this project was to conduct a descriptive population health- focused evaluation of a large-scale health system's employee health and wellbeing program. Guided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) framework for program evaluation in public health and National Center for Organization Development guidelines, a nurse-led evaluation was conducted using 5 specific data sets emphasizing organizational structure, employee health offerings, employee surveys, Pathway to Excellence survey, and program contributions. A descriptive analysis was applied towards interpreting the organizational structure, and identifying all contributions to employee wellness. Inferential analysis was applied to identify correlations between survey results. The findings of the evaluation were mixed. The organizational structure of the program complied with CDC wellness program guidelines; of the 97 service departments surveyed, results revealed an 83.51% improvement in engagement, disengagement, satisfaction, best places to work, and customer satisfaction. The Pathway to Excellence survey results revealed a supportive organizational structure for a culture of wellness. The program contribution analysis showed that the health system provided accessible wellness and health promotion opportunities. Positive social change may result from this evaluation as the program is reinforced and the focus on employee wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention services are continued. As a result, the lives of employees, their families, and communities might be improved.