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Public Policy and Administration


Augusto Ferreros


The violent conflicts in the Northwest and Southwest provinces of Cameroon (Southern Cameroons) have obtained national and international attention. The government of Cameroon and armed separatists (Southern Cameroonians) have been called upon to address the root cause of the conflicts and reach a lasting peaceful settlement. This qualitative study is aimed at providing policy alternatives for the current conflict. The primary research question seeks to establish how the 1972 abolition of the federal system may have provided the impetus for the current conflicts. A second question addresses the options for resolving the conflict and the prospects of resolution. Data was collected from a focus group of 20 participants and from secondary data. Data analysis was completed using Jagar's critical discourse analysis. According to the findings of the study, the root cause of the current conflicts and the associated political, social, and economic issues can be attributed to the abolition of the federal system of governance. Policy alternatives to resolving the conflicts may require international mediation, an all-inclusive dialogue/negotiation without preconditions, the unconditional release of all in detention, a general and total ceasefire, and a general amnesty and resettlement program. This study may provide an understanding of the root cause of the conflicts and policy alternatives that will help restore peace, save lives, stabilize the region, and return dignity to the lives of the citizens.