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Counselor Education and Supervision


Geneva Gray


A gap exists in the current literature on the training needs of professional counselors so they can meet the increasing demand for counseling services among refugee populations. The purpose of this constructivist, grounded theory study was to explore the perceptions of professional counselors related to their preparedness to demonstrate multicultural competence when counseling refugees. A constructivist grounded theory approach following Charmaz's principles guided the investigation into perceptions of professional counselors towards counseling with refugee clients. The author conducted a qualitative demographic form, individual interviews, and a focus group with professional counselors who had experience working with refugees. Sample included 21 licensed professional counselors who had experience working with at least one refugee client. Utilizing a thematic data analysis on the qualitative data, the main themes outlined in this comprehensive theory included contexts, challenges, competencies, and professional development. The study may contribute to positive social change through increasing access to mental health services for refugee populations who currently underuse the services.