Date of Conferral



Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)


Business Administration


Denise Land


A single cyberattack event involving 1 major corporation can cause severe business and social devastation. In this single case study, a major U.S. airline company was selected for exploration of the strategies information technology administrators and airline managers implemented to reduce the financial devastation that may be caused by a cyberattack. Seven participants, of whom 4 were airline managers and 3 were IT administrators, whose primary responsibility included implementation of strategies to plan for and respond to cyberattacks participated in the data collection process. This study was grounded on the general systems theory. Data collection entailed semistructured face-to-face and telephone interviews and collection and review of public documents. The data analysis process of this study involved the use of Yin's 5-step process of compiling, disassembling, reassembling, interpreting, and concluding, which provided a detailed analysis of the emerging themes. The findings produced results that identified strategies organizational managers and administrators of a U.S. airline implemented to reduce the fiscal influence of cyberattacks, such as proactive plans for education and training, active management, and an incident response plan. The findings of this study might affect social change by offering all individuals a perspective on creating effective cyberculture. An understanding of cyberculture could include the focus of a heightened understanding, whereby, to ensure the security of sensitive or privileged data and information and of key assets, thus, reducing the fiscal devastation that may be caused by cyberattacks.