Date of Conferral



Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Cynthia Fletcher


Nurses routinely obtain genomic data when collecting family health histories. However, they report low confidence in their knowledge and understanding of genomics and the genetically engineered medications prescribed for their patients. The purpose of this project was the development and implementation of an evidence-based online education program about genetics and genomics to increase the nurses' understanding and ability to provide competent care for their patients receiving treatments based on the science of genomics. Knowles's principles of adult learning theory guided the development and delivery of the online education project to 12 medical-surgical registered nurses employed in a hospital in the northeastern United States. The Johns Hopkins nursing evidence-based practice model provided a guideline for organizing and evaluating the level and quality of evidence. A 2-tailed paired t test showed that the nurses' knowledge and understanding about genetics and genomics increased after participating in the evidence-based education program. The increase in nurses' knowledge on genomics has the potential to provide nurses with the competence and confidence to collaborate with physicians and pharmacists regarding treatment plans incorporating genomics, resulting in effective team collaboration and a positive social change that could improve patient outcomes.