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Public Policy and Administration


christina spoons


Policy processes influence decision-making and when processes are influenced by multiple stakeholders, individual interests can go against the general good of the organization or community. The multiple stakeholders of cricket in Barbados have governed the development of cricket. Over the last 30 years the sport has been on a steady decline evidenced by the low attendance at games and the number of teams and individuals playing the sport. At a time when the sport has been growing at the international level, the decline in the fortunes of the sport in Barbados had led to a climate of mistrust and blame apportioning, which can only lead to further decay. This explanatory case study drawing from 2 focus groups and 15 individual interviews examined the views and perceptions of players, media personnel, officials, administrators, fans and concessionaires, as to the state of the sport, the factors that have contributed to that state and the role of the stakeholders in the process. Data analyzed using thick analysis methods revealed that the stakeholders believed that sport was in decline in Barbados and changes in the social and community structures, competition from other sports, unclear roles and uncooperative relations of stakeholders were key factors that acted against the development of the sport. The implications for positive social change are directed at the collaborative role of stakeholders that places the general good beyond individual pursuits and the need to change the current methods of governance.