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Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)


Business Administration


Jamiel Vadell


Lack of employee commitment affects the overall practice in healthcare organizations and can cause a disruption in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities who are receiving care. Researchers have demonstrated that increasing employee commitment and decreasing employee turnover are related to employee commitment in healthcare organizations. The purpose of this single case study was to explore strategies that leaders of an intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities in the northwestern United States used to enhance employee commitment. Meyer and Herchovitch's model of employee commitment was the conceptual framework for this study. Data were collecting from semistructured interviews with 2 home managers and 1 area supervisor of a healthcare facility with experience in employee commitment. Data were transcribed, analyzed, and coded for themes and subthemes; data validity was established using member checking of the findings for accuracy and credibility. Three main themes emerged from the data analysis: organizations' healthcare insurance, bonuses, and teamwork. Healthcare leaders might implement the findings of this study to increase and develop employee commitment, improve profitability and sustainability, improve patient care, and improve safety to bring about a positive and effective social change to benefit patients, families, and communities.