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Public Policy and Administration


Shawn Gillen


The impact of public private partnership (PPP) on Dallas, Texas economic development activities is debated through many forms of academic studies. The purpose of this study was to bridge the research gap in PPP impact on sustainable economic development from the perspectives of PPP practitioners. The central research question focused on the PPP executives' perspective on the evaluation of PPP programs within a 5-year period (2005 - 2010) in Dallas, Texas. The theoretical framework of this study was based on the policy feedback theory. A qualitative case study design was the case study approach and purposeful sampling interviews were the data collection tool; 7 participants agreed to participate in the study and provided data and information through participating in the interview. The participants were representative of the total population with 2 participants from the public sector, 2 participants from the for-profit private sector, 2 participants from nonprofit community development organizations, and 1 member from city council. A comparison to secondary data was performed to ensure reliability and protect against bias. Research findings provided indicators to PPP's successful design, lessons learned, and PPP executives' and policy makers' evaluation standards as well as suggestions for improvement. The social impact of this study on governance and a clearer understanding of PPP provides insights on the best use of public resources attempting to increase government performance efficiency.