Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Linda Swanson


As the student population in public schools throughout the United States continues to increase in ethnic diversity, the number of college students of color majoring in teacher education have remained stagnant. The local problem addressed in the study is that despite intentional recruitment efforts, college students of color are not majoring in teacher education at a university in Ohio. Bell's critical race theory was used throughout this basic qualitative study to explore what issues influence students of color to choose majors other than teacher education. Individual student interviews with 8 students of color were conducted to answer the research question regarding issues that have influenced students of color to choose majors other than teacher education at one university in Ohio. Transcripts from interview sessions were coded and analyzed to identify emerging patterns and themes. Member checks were used for accuracy in analysis, and maximum variation, with participants from 7 different majors, served to enhance credibility. At the local setting, the implications for positive social change may include bringing awareness to issues that students of color have encountered while enrolled at the study site. A broader implication for social change may be that institutions of higher education with similar demographics could benefit from the results of this study to address similar issues regarding students of color not choosing teacher education programs.