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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Eileen Fowles


Attention to quality outcomes, cost reduction, value-based purchasing, and improved initiatives for hospital-acquired conditions (HACs), as well as labor utilization savings, provide a foundation for hospitals to achieve safety and quality outcomes. Falls resulting in fractures, joint dislocation, or other physical injuries are considered HACs and can produce unexpected consequences such as an increase in costs related to an increased length of stay. The CareView Communications system, a fall prevention management program that uses video surveillance technology, offers a strategy to prevent patient falls by customizing patient rounding, conducting fall risk assessments, and generating reports. Guided by Donabedian's framework, this project evaluated the effectiveness of implementation of CareView video monitoring to decrease falls, avoid falls with injury, and reduce use of the patient safety technician on the hospital's telemetry and neurological unit. One year of preimplementation fall data were compared to 1 year of postimplementation data to measure the video monitoring (VM) system effectiveness in fall reduction. Although there was a reduction in the number of falls on the neurological (4.08 to 3.24/1,000 patient days) and the telemetry (2.92 to 1.96.1,000 patient days) units, the results were not statistically significant. The results of this project could contribute to positive social change by helping to determine the effectiveness of the CareView system in reducing falls and identifying strategies for implementing the use of the VM system to reduce patient falls and enhance patient safety.

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