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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Robert McWhirt


Each year, hospitalizations from long-term care (LTC) settings occur, in part, due to underdeveloped nursing assessment skills, ineffective communication with primary care providers (PCPs), and delayed intervention. Through staff development nursing education, the quality and timeliness of care can be improved. The practice question that guided this doctoral project focused on whether evidence-based research information would assist in decreasing LTC-to-hospital admission rates through improved nursing assessment skills and better communication with PCPs. Using the logic model, the effectiveness of a program was evaluated and the impact of interventions on a predicted outcome was determined. Sources of evidence included obtaining best practice research information from scholarly nursing journals and official nursing websites. Analytical strategies included a review of the literature to examine data from nursing journals, websites, and other publication sources in addition to the use of a synthesis matrix that classified different ideas rated by the Cochrane Consumer Network. The findings of this project might contribute to positive social change by fostering improved patient assessments, enhanced communication with PCPs, early intervention, and decreased LTC-to-hospital admission rates through the improvement of nursing practice policy.

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