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Maxwell Rainforth


Substance use disorders among the baby boomer generation are steadily increasing, but knowledge and training satisfaction regarding older adult substance use disorders among behavioral health providers (BHPs) has not been explored. Using the Kirkpatrick evaluation model, this quantitative study involved an examination of the knowledge and training satisfaction of four behavioral provider groups: addiction counselors, licensed professional counselors, marriage and family therapists/social workers, and psychologists. Each participant (N = 154) completed a demographic questionnaire, satisfaction questionnaire, and the Alcohol and Older Adult Questionnaire to measure knowledge level on older adult substance use disorders. The results showed that licensed professional counselors held significantly higher levels of knowledge than any other BHP group. There were no significant differences between BHPs regarding satisfaction with training on older adult substance use disorders. No relationship was found between BHP satisfaction and BHP knowledge scores, even when considering the number of years, a BHP was licensed. Therefore, the findings of this study may encourage more training for BHPs aside from licenses professional counselors as well as future research on BHPs treating older adult substance use disorders.

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