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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Catherine Garner


Cardiovascular disease, including heart failure, is the leading cause of death among male and female Middle Eastern Americans. In 2016, a medical center located in the northeastern region of the United States had an estimated 35% of heart failure patients readmitted within 30 days of discharge, 10% of these readmitted patients belonged to the local Middle Eastern community. The gap in nursing practice noted by nursing staff, patients, and their families was that the patient education materials on heart failure were not tailored to the cultural beliefs and customs of this high-risk population. The purpose of this project was to adapt the American Heart Association teaching tools on heart failure education to the Middle Eastern community to enhance compliance with treatment care plans, minimize days spent in the hospital, and decrease the readmission rates. The practice-focused question explored whether a team of experts could adapt heart failure education materials for the Middle Eastern community. An expert team met weekly to adapt the teaching materials to include information regarding effective communication techniques, adaptation to religious strictures, and modification of behavioral risks specific to Middle Eastern cultures. The information gathered was compiled and will be shared with the host medical facility. The positive social change resulting from this project might include improved culturally appropriate communication and support for the medical center's Middle Eastern population of heart failure patients, which may result in improved health outcomes.