Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Glenn Penny


The college under study only requires instructors to use traditional resources to teach literacy content leading to a variation in the use of technology within literacy courses. In this college, technology is not being integrated well, too little or inconsistent exposure to technology depending on the instructor. The purpose of this study was to investigate the attitudes of faculty toward integration of technology into classroom instruction and students' perceptions of technology as a part of their learning. Dewey's theory of educative experience was the conceptual framework used in this study. Data collection for this qualitative study was based on semistructured interviews from 6 students and 6 instructors from the community college under study. Data were analyzed, transcribed, and coded resulting in 3 major themes (technology integration, barriers, and traditional learning) and 5 sub-themes (trends in higher education, continuing learner, unlimited access, limited access and support and technology adoption and its potential). The findings revealed that instructors were primarily at ease with technology but limited in the integration of technology through Blackboard Learn. A professional development on Blackboard Learn was created. With this project and its overall results, stakeholders can decide the next action to take so that the college can meet the needs of its instructors and students. This project offered implications for a positive social change by extending an opportunity for instructors to learn a new Blackboard feature for managing and implementing technology into instructional practices. The professional development session allowed instructors to learn to integrate technology in their classrooms.