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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Edna Hull


Nurse practitioners (NPs) are significant members of the health care team. Variation and lack of standardization in the practicum preparation of the NP has been identified as problematic. There is a need to improve NPs preparation to efficiently and independently impact health care. This project presented the 1-minute-preceptor (OMP) model as a standard tool in the practicum preparation of the NP through a preceptor-focused continuing education session. The aim of the OMP is to help ensure that students are exposed to the level of critical thinking and problem solving needed in the role of an independent, efficient NP. Knowles's adult learning theory and the educational design process model provided the theoretical framework and guided the development, implementation, and evaluation of the continuing education program. Participation in the continuing education program was voluntary. Pretests, posttests, and evaluations of the continuing education session were collected and analyzed. Ten preceptors participated in the educational session and evaluation. Based on pretest and posttest results, knowledge of the OMP model improved from 70% before the education program to 100% after the program. Participants also indicated interest in using a tool capable of ensuring an effective student-preceptor encounter, and 100% stated they would use the information presented in future preceptor–student interactions. Continuing education program evaluation results indicated participant satisfaction with the presentation. To positively impact social change, the findings of this project may be used by NPs and preceptors to effectively and efficiently impact patient outcomes early in practice.

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