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Corinne Wheeler


Diabetes is a chronic disease that can be self-managed to control the disease and its adverse consequence. The purpose of this systematic literature review was to examine the barriers to patients' successful adherence to the self-management plan and to examine strategies used to improve patients' compliance with self-care behaviors. Three practice-focused questions focused on the personal characteristics or factors influencing patients' compliance with self-management, the barriers to patient compliance regarding diabetes self-management, and the effective strategies used to improve patients' compliance with diabetes self-management at primary care clinics. The literature review used the preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses model and the Johns Hopkins nursing evidence-based practice models. Findings showed that implementation of strategies using technology messages and texts can significantly decrease hemoglobin A1c levels, reduce complications of people with diabetes, and bring about social change by minimizing the prevalence of diabetes in the United States. The implementation of the project's outcomes can improve proper self-management practices among patients with diabetes, decrease the diabetes incidence among adults, and minimize health-related complications.

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