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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Joan Moon


Persons with disabilities tend to be in poorer health compared to those without disabilities, and timely coordination of care is essential for maintaining optimal health and wellness. The problem addressed in the Care Coordination Referral Project was the lack of timely access to health care and preventive care services for clients with disabilities in the organization for which this project was developed. Using the appraisal of guidelines research and evaluation II model, the purpose of this DNP project was to analyze and synthesize the evidence-based literature to support the project and develop an online health care resource manual and protocol. The practice- focused question focused on evidence from literature that supported the development of a resource manual and protocol to provide care coordination to patients with disabilities. The literature indicated that timely access to care was essential to a patient's overall health and well-being. The manual and protocol were approved by an organizational team and included in the patient care plan. Results of a summative evaluation showed that team members agreed that the project objectives were met, the project was appropriate to the setting, and that strong leadership was demonstrated throughout the project. The findings of this project show that providing the resource manual for the nurses might improve the overall health and well- being of patients with disabilities through access to health care and preventive care services access.

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