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Human Services


Dr. Tina Jaeckle


Homeless research has focused on the service-directed approach, but few qualitative studies have focused on the critical and sensitive nature of the intake process. Staff in rural and remote communities struggle to refer services and mainstream resources to homeless veterans. The purpose of this case study was to explore case managers' perspectives on intake procedures in rural Pennsylvania communities. Lewin's force field analysis was used as a theoretical basis to examine the rationale for behaviors and forces that impact an individual's state. Six case managers and 1 supervisor were selected for face-to-face interviews based on their experience, job duties, and length of time involved in homeless services. The themes that emerged from coding analysis included coordinated entry, paperwork length and redundancy, geographical barriers including transportation and employment services, identification and outreach, and case management staff. Findings may be used to improve assessment techniques and critical time intervention strategies to reduce the length of homelessness for rural veterans.