Date of Conferral



Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Deborah Lewis


Competent nurses are instrumental in assuring that a patient receives safe patient care of the highest quality. Patient care that lacks quality places patients at risk of poor health outcomes and results in negative financial impacts for the organization. The purpose of this staff education project was to develop nurse competency education for a facility's competency program, which merged the Wright competency model with quality and safety education for nurses' competencies. The nurse competency staff education program was evaluated by the organization's stakeholders for inclusion in the competency program. The whole-part-whole model, Knowles's adult learning theory, and Lewin's change theory were used to guide this project. Pre- and posttest data were collected from 16 organization stakeholders, including nurse managers, directors, clinical nurse specialists, nursing professional development specialists, and preceptors, who participated in an in-person education session. Data were analyzed by calculating the mean test scores and calculating the percent change. Results indicated a 32% increase in knowledge from pre- to posttest. Findings supported implementation through the nursing departments and may furthermore support implementation across other healthcare disciplines within the organization. The project promoted social change by developing and providing education to improve nurses' knowledge regarding competent practice, ensuring safe and high quality nursing practice and supporting improved patient outcomes.