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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Health Services


Dana Leach


The push to generate professional nurses has raised questions about the competency level of the novice nurses that are entering the workforce. Utilization of simulation laboratories is being viewed as an option for bridging the gap for the shortage of nurses, nurse educators, and clinical sites. The theory of goal attainment was used to guide this project, which aimed to develop and validate an ER simulation scenario that mimics a clinical setting as a tool for measuring nursing skills. An additional purpose, to be accomplished after graduation, will be to implement a pilot project to determine the impact of the validated simulation scenario within the nursing skills laboratories on the quality of care provided by novice nurses to patients. The validation of the ER simulation scenario was completed by having 10 local experts review the developed ER simulation scenario. The experts then completed a 5-question Likert-type scale survey. Descriptive analysis was used to evaluate the results of the survey and validate the simulation scenario tool. Results revealed that all experts strongly agreed that the ER scenario was visually appealing and had enough subject content. Most experts strongly agreed that it was easy to read and follow. Post-graduation and with the assistance of the education organization, the second part of this proposal will occur with a pilot study implementation. The significance of this project to the nursing practice is to utilize simulation as a bridge to real life practice settings. This project may contribute to the American Nurses Association Standards of best practice which works to improve patient safety as well as quality nursing care.

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