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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Melanie Braswell


Educating Nurses About a Nurse Residency Program


Tammy Lea Franklin

MSN, Walden University, 2012

BSN, Oklahoma City University, 2010

Project Submitted in Partial Fulfillment

of the Requirements for the Degree of

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Walden University

May 2019

The problem addressed in this project was the challenges related to retention of new graduate nurses. This includes Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and Bachelor of Science Nurses (BSNs) on two medical/surgical units in an acute care facility. The purpose was to work with a project team to develop an education module and accompanying resources to present to new medical/surgical BSNs, RNs, and LPNs through a 3-month nurse residency program. The framework guiding the project was Duchscher's transition shock which guides the stages of doing, being, and knowing for new graduate nurses as they move from classroom to the bedside. The project question was: Will an educative process specifically designed to implement a 3-month nurse residency program for new graduate RNs, and LPNs in the two medical/surgical units increase retention rates when compared to data 1 year pre-intervention? The educational modules included 6 2-hour concept based sessions delivered biweekly over a 3-month period by the medical/surgical specialty coordinators. Results showed positive and statistically significant results of a 17% turnover rate of new graduate medical/surgical nurses compared to a 33% turnover rate specific to the medical-surgical new graduate nurses 1 year pre-intervention. The project contributed to positive social change by providing education that increased retention, job satisfaction, and provided professional socialization.

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