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Cat Heck


Researchers have begun to focus on how traumatic experiences, such as breast cancer, can lead to positive psychological outcomes or posttraumatic growth. However, the positive dimensions in Omani breast cancer survivors were not known because most research on posttraumatic growth has been conducted mainly in Western countries. The purpose of this phenomenological study was to explore the lived experiences of Omani women diagnosed and treated with breast cancer to understand posttraumatic growth in this population. Posttraumatic growth served as the theoretical foundation for the study and referred to positive experiences stemming from traumatic situations. The study included a convenience sample of 8 adult Omani women with histories of breast cancer. Data were collected through semi structured, in-depth interviews and was analyzed by thematic analysis technique. Color coding was done to point out the identified initial codes (35) and the codes were organized into 33 subthemes. Qualitative analysis of the data indicated 5 main themes of positive changes: greater appreciation of life, spiritual prosperity, improved interpersonal relations, empowerment and change in philosophy of life. Information from this study may contribute to Arab psychological literature on the personal growth of Arab women with breast cancer. In addition, the findings may lead to social change by helping practitioners diminish psychological debilities in Arab breast cancer survivors and inform interventions for Arab breast cancer survivors to develop coping skills to address future traumatic stress.