Date of Conferral



Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Eileen Fowles


The educational medium GetWellNetWork (GWNW) in a large magnet teaching facility

offered few educational videos specific to vascular patients with a focus on leg elevation

after lower extremity bypass surgery. Supplying patient-specific education has the

potential for providing cost-effective nursing care to vascular patients and improving

hospital reimbursement. Guided by the interactive care model, a storyboard was

developed using best-practice evidence for vascular postoperative patients that could lead

to the development of a video to address the educational needs of vascular patients upon

discharge. The practice focused question asked if a video addressing the importance of

leg elevation would improve patients' use of in-house educational videos and stakeholder

satisfaction. A vascular physician (n = 1) and nursing staff (n = 9) provided feedback on

the appropriateness of the evidence-based educational content for the storyboard by

completing a 9-item, open-ended survey. Survey results supported development of the

video and revealed positive feedback on storyboard content and that staff with 1â??3 years'

experience or 15+ years' experience had an increased understanding of the importance of

evidence-based guidelines for leg elevation for vascular patients. The feedback will be

used to develop a vascular-patient-specific educational video. Encouraging patients to

view the video on leg elevation has the potential to improve cost effectiveness of patient

care and hospital reimbursement, prevent hospital readmission that could lead to patient

and caregiver hardships associated with readmission, and improve the health outcomes

for postoperative vascular patients.