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Brad E. Bell


Researchers have conducted correlational studies on transformational leadership and perceived meaning in work; however, researchers have not used an experimental design to examine the relationship between transformational leadership and perceived meaning in work. The purpose of this study was to determine whether reading information on transformational leadership, which focused on charisma and individualized consideration, influenced participants' hypothetical judgment of perceived meaning in work. The quantitative study included a 2 x 2 between-subjects design in which information on the independent variables of charisma and individualized consideration was manipulated in a description of a hypothetical leader. The dependent variable was the hypothetical judgment of meaning in work based on the hypothetical description of the leader. The study was a randomized experiment including survey data from 106 participants. Data were analyzed using a 2-way ANOVA. Findings showed reading information on charisma significantly increased participants' perceived meaning in work whereas reading information on individualized consideration decreased participants' perceived meaning in work. Findings may help organizations hire transformational leaders who possess charisma and have the ability to develop followers to become future leaders.