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Public Health


John W. Oswald


The lack of knowledge regarding congenital heart disease (CHD) among the Lagos populace is leading to late presentation, late diagnosis and poor outcomes. The purpose of the research was to document the level of knowledge of parents and caregivers regarding CHD using the Leuven questionnaire for assessing knowledge of parents on CHD (LKQCHD). A quantitative correlational cross-sectional study, with purposeful convenience sampling strategy, was used. Health belief model was the theoretical framework used. Primary data of demographic information such as gender, age, the level of education, and the number of years of accessing care were obtained using a survey. The data were analyzed using Chi-Square, Fisher's exact test, and Pearson's correlation coefficient. There was poor knowledge of CHD among the subjects as the level of knowledge of parents of children with CHD on CHD was lower than 80% of correct answers using the LKQCHD. There were negative correlations between the level of knowledge of the subjects and their age, level of education and number of years of accessing care at the study centre. A critical area of need for education and training in the field of public health in Lagos is health education of parents and caregivers of children with CHD in Lagos on CHD, which will help improve awareness of the populace in Lagos on CHD, thereby encouraging early presentation of the children with CHD in Lagos, improve the compliance of parents and caregivers of children with CHD to treatment, medications and clinic follow up. All the above effect of health education will have a positive effect in the quality of life and life expectancy of patients with CHD in Lagos.