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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


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Cassandra Taylor


Heart failure (HF) has a global significance for the older population and is the most common reason for hospitalization. Patients with HF can reduce their risk for hospital readmissions and adverse outcomes through self-management of their disease. Nurses are responsible for educating patients about HF self-management; however, nurses at the project site lacked sufficient understanding and confidence to perform adequate HF patient education, creating a gap in practice. This project was guided by Pender's health promotion model and adult learning theory with the goal to increase nurses' knowledge and confidence with the self-management principles of HF. The purpose of this project was to develop an educational program for nurses to increase their knowledge of HF disease management and patient self-management principles. The education program was supported by research literature and recommendations from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, in addition to input from a planning team consisting of 3 nursing leaders from the project site. The planning team provided process evaluation regarding satisfaction with the planning process by completing an anonymous, 10-question, Likert-type survey. Seven project evaluations were completed and all respondents indicated that they agreed or strongly agreed in response to questions regarding the effectiveness of the project, it's planning, and the leader. At the completion of the project, the education program was delivered to the project site, with a plan for later implementation and learner evaluation using assessment tools of HF knowledge and confidence. This project has the potential to achieve positive social change in relation to nurses' commitment to improving patient outcomes through quality initiatives and dedication to the implementation of evidence-based practice, thus, promoting positive patient outcomes.

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