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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


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Cassandra Taylor


To increase continuity of care and reduce clinical errors, management in an inpatient rehabilitation unit of a private, nonprofit hospital chose to change the care delivery model to primary nursing; unit nurses had inadequate understanding of primary nursing, creating a gap in practice. The purpose of this project was to develop an educational program on primary nursing to address the question of how education on primary nursing would impact the understanding of the model among the nurses in the patient rehabilitation unit of the project site. Rogers's diffusion of innovation model provided a framework for developing the educational program. The educational program was supported by research and literature in addition to input from a project team comprising five participants, the unit manager, associate manager, and three charge nurses from the unit. The project evaluation process included an evaluation questionnaire that included 10 questions using a Likert-type scale. All team members scored outcomes as strongly agree and agree. Descriptive statistics indicated that all team members agreed the project goal was appropriate, the project objective was met, and that leadership was demonstrated throughout the project process. The implications of these findings for positive social change include improved nursing competencies and capabilities, tailored care and continuity to care, as well as improved organizational outcomes.

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