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Janice Long


Bariatric surgery is a major surgery that has become a frequent procedure in North America; growth in the number of bariatric surgery procedures has resulted in an increase in readmissions after the procedure. A systematic review of the literature using the shifting processes model as a guide was used to answer the practice-focused questions regarding reasons for hospital readmissions for postoperative bariatric surgery patients and strategies that reduce complications of the procedure. Providing Innovative Service Models and Assessment chart (PRISMA) was used to quantify 17 studies that met the inclusion criteria. Results demonstrated that the reasons for readmissions after bariatric surgery were related to leakage of the surgical site, infections, bowel complications, and lack of family support or other support system at home. Strategies reported in the literature that were effective in reducing complications included having a support system and preoperative and discharge education for bariatric patients. The most effective method to prevent readmission following bariatric surgery was careful preoperative assessment and screening for comorbidities, particularly gastrointestinal disorders. The results of this project may promote positive social change by providing evidence-based information for professionals and consumers to prevent readmissions following bariatric surgery.

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