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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Linda Matheson


Childhood obesity is a national problem in the United States and has known implications as a potential cause of chronic illnesses as the child transitions into adulthood. A primary care clinic in the southwestern United States had a high percentage of obese Hispanic children within its population; therefore, the nurses and the pediatrician needed an evidence-based clinical practice guideline (CPG) to manage Hispanic children with a body mass index greater than the 95th percentile for their age. The purpose of the project was to develop a culturally competent CPG to manage childhood obesity in this primary care practice. The social cognitive theory provided the framework to develop the CPG. The final project resulted in an evidence-based CPG that was validated by an expert physician panel. The implication of this project is that nurses and providers can provide culturally competent education to the parent and child to reduce obesity among the pediatric Hispanic population. This project may create positive social change by modifying unhealthy cultural practices and behaviors, preventing chronic diseases, and reducing health care costs for the children within the selected practice.

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