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Public Policy and Administration


Paul Rutledge


Student homelessness presents challenges and opportunities for public school administrators. The primary purpose of this study was to explore whether the effects of child homelessness caused students to drop out of school and engage in criminal activity before the age of 18 or if they would further their education beyond high school. A quantitative method with a cross-sectional design was used to examine the topic, and a self-administered survey, adapted from Dillman's design, was employed for data collection. The sample included 150 participants who were teachers and principals in a school district in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. An ordinary least squares (OLS) regression was used for analyzing participant responses and to examine gender, race, age, years teaching, grade teaching, teacher concerns, witnessed behavior, policies, and training. Key results of this study are significant for social change because they provide evidence for policy officials to redevelop ways to assist teachers of homeless students.