Date of Conferral



Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Linda Matheson


Health care organizations can provide comprehensive, formal learning opportunities to develop nurse leaders for advanced leadership roles. The purpose of this doctoral project was to create an evidence-based nursing leadership academy focused on development of advanced leadership skills and competencies to cultivate frontline and midlevel nurse leaders for executive nursing and health care leadership positions. The practice-focused question addressed how an advanced nursing leadership education program would affect the knowledge level and competencies of nurse leader participants. The American Organization of Nurse Executives' (AONE) 5 nurse executive competency domains served as the framework for this project. Data were collected from 10 nurse manager and nurse leader participants, selected based on their performance and desire to succeed into an advanced leadership role, who completed the AONE nurse executive competency assessment. Findings indicated that greatest improvement was observed in the knowledge of the health care environment domain, followed by the communication and relationship building domain. Findings may be used to provide advanced leadership education to frontline and midlevel nurse leaders to support succession planning and development of nurse leaders to advance into executive leadership positions.