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Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)




Robert A. Miller


When leaders use an ineffective communication strategy, it leads to decreased employee engagement, and thus increases the potential for lost productivity and profitability. The purpose of this case study was to explore effective communication strategies managers used to improve employee engagement and increase productivity as well as profitability. The motivating language theory served as the conceptual framework for this study. A semistructured interview technique was used to interview 3 purposefully selected managers in the northeastern region of the United States about the successful strategies they generated to improve employee engagement. Two themes emerged from data analysis: creating a culture that generates employee engagement, and effective internal communication to improve employee engagement. The findings of this study may contribute to positive social change by providing business leaders strategies for improving employee engagement. Engaged employees may offer their time and skills to serve the community through volunteer service and events to solve social issues associated with the environment, education, health, and community enhancement.

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