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Kimberly Cox


The quality of caregiver-child interactions influences child, parent, and family wellness. Although the existing body of literature links mindfulness to positive outcomes within the family, little is known about how specific dimensions of mindful parenting are associated with parenting practices or child behavior reactivity. Based on a mindful parenting model and differential susceptibility model, this quantitative study used an online survey method to examine how specific dimensions of mindful parenting are associated with parenting practices and child behavior reactivity among a sample of 152 parents of elementary-age children. This study also explored how parent life stress modifies the relationship between mindful parenting dimensions and parenting practices and child reactivity. A model estimation was calculated using least squares regression-based path analysis to test the strength and direction of the association between the 5 dimensions of mindfulness and child behavioral reactivity through mediation and moderated mediation models. Results revealed that the mindful parenting dimensions of acceptance and attention had significant positive associations with child behavior reactivity. Emotional awareness and attention were mediated by positive parenting; however, no moderated mediation of any dimension of mindfulness and child behavior reactivity was found. The results from this study may be used to promote positive social change by helping service providers develop effective parenting programs and properly identify parents who might benefit from mindfulness interventions and stress reduction techniques.