Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Marcia Griffiths-Prince


The purpose of this outcome-based program evaluation project study was to investigate how professional development (PD) influenced the shared values of 25 district teachers regarding instructional technology and their collaboration and instructional practices using instructional technology. Inclusion criteria included (a) participants had to be 18 years or older and (b) participants had to be a certified teacher. Guided by Mishra and Koehler's TPACK theory and Guskey's model for PD evaluation, the research was designed to determine (a) how teachers demonstrate collaboration using instructional technology as a result of PD, (b) what shared values teachers have adopted regarding instructional technology as a result of PD, and (c) how the authentic teaching practices of participants have changed because of the technology PD. Data were collected through Likert surveys, interviews, and classroom observations. Data analysis included descriptive statistics for the quantitative portion, and identification of emerging themes for the qualitative portion. The results reflected ways technology is being implemented into instructional strategies. The implication of this study for social change includes support for including collaboration and shared values in professional development to improve instructional strategies incorporating technology, which can lead to improved learning environments. Teachers and the school can benefit by having the knowledge of how technology and PD provided by the OETT grant enhanced instruction. Social changes that may occur due to the findings of this study include the school gaining a better understanding of the influence of technology in instruction on student learning and identifying tools that potentially increased teacher uses of the technologies purchased as well as teacher application of the knowledge gained in the PD provided through the grant.