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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Francisca Farrar


The nursing shortage in the United States is increasing and directly affects the turnover of staff in the adult burn center of the facility that is the focus of this project. In addition to the institution's traditional leadership education, which includes preceptor and charge nurse modules, a burn-focused supplemental preceptor preparation education program (SPPEP) was developed and delivered to address the expressed needs of the staff preceptors. The purpose of this quality improvement evidence-based project was to develop and deliver a program evaluation tool for the adult burn center leadership to assess the effectiveness of the SPPEP in this specialty area, including whether a supplemental preparation program for adult burn center preceptors would increase their confidence and competency, and lower attrition rates of nurse orientees. A preprogram survey was administered to all participating preceptors identifying perceived gaps in preparation to fulfill the expectations of the preceptor role. Benner's novice-to-expert and Knowles's adult learning theory concepts provided the framework for the SPPEP. The quality improvement program evaluation was based on reported confidence and the perception of competence of the preceptors who participated (N = 11). This research revealed that the SPPEP increased the preceptor's confidence and perceived competence level from 64.12% to 89.28% after the first SPPEP delivery. By systematically preparing the preceptors, the SPPEP can reduce overall orientation expenditure while improving patient outcomes, preceptor confidence, perceived competence, and the satisfaction of registered nurses.

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