Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Suzy Harney


Read 180 is a research-based reading intervention program. One local district implemented the program to improve student performance on the state assessment, and after a year of implementation, nearly half of the students in the district studied still did not make adequate progress in reading. The purpose of this study was to explore teachers' perceptions of and experiences with the use of Read 180 in secondary reading classrooms. Guided by Carroll's framework on the critical aspects of implementation, the study examined teachers' perceptions of (a) availability of resources necessary to adhere to the program's design, (b) ample class time to ensure adequate dosage, (c) preparedness to deliver the curriculum, and (d) benefits for student achievement. From a list of 22 Read 180 teachers, 10 teachers were chosen through simple random sampling and invited to participate in this qualitative case study. All 10 teachers agreed to be interviewed. Triangulation of interview interpretations was accomplished using field notes and member checking. Open coding and its subsequent refinement revealed that teachers had positive perceptions about Read 180 and its potential to improve student achievement, but identified a variety of areas for improvement: access to all materials and computers, ample class time, on-going training, and appropriate placement of students in the program. These findings suggest that a more robust execution of Read 180 could lead to positive social change by improving students' literacy skills, reducing the dropout rate, and preparing students for college and careers.