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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Dana Leach


Nurses are often promoted or hired into leadership positions without the benefit of a formal orientation to their new leadership positions. The challenge of navigating the various expectations of the role of clinical nurse leader (CNL) such as fiscal ownership, staffing patterns, payroll, and disciplinary action process can be overwhelming. The lack of a formalized orientation process and an identified nurse leader to function as a mentor can contribute to the novice CNL feeling unsupported and overwhelmed. The purpose of this project was to identify, develop, and evaluate a CNL orientation manual, outline, and program for newly appointed CNLs. The desired outcome for this doctor of nursing practice project was the education and preparation of CNLs who will navigate the various facets of the role and retain their positions longterm. The Association of Nurse Executives nurse leader model was used to guide the project. A panel of 5 CNL experts evaluated the manual outline and content using a 5-question Likert scale survey. Findings indicated 100% of the participants agreed or strongly agreed with the importance of the topics covered and 80% agreed with the content covered in the manual outline. The project is expected to promote positive social change by preparing new CNLs to meet the requirements of leadership positions.

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