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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Susan J. Hayden


The cost of healthcare in the United States has increased due to growing numbers of patients who live with chronic health problems, such as heart disease. The cost of healthcare is compounded by the cost in terms of complications of cardiovascular disease secondary to medication non-adherence. Education about medication use and adherence, safety, and side effects was needed for patients in a cardiovascular unit to improve adherence to medications as prescribed. Results of a health care provider (HCP) and nursing staff needs assessment provided by the site showed the need for improved cardiovascular medication education. The project focused question asked if cardiovascular patient medication education provided to HCPs and nursing staff would be incorporated into practice by the HCPs and nursing staff. The purpose of the project was to improve the education provided to patients by the HCPs and nursing staff. A literature review provided content for the educational program. Strategies to promote adherence and medication safety and a patient education worksheet were presented with guidance on implementation. Post education qualitative results from HCPs and nursing staff showed that the sheet was implemented and helpful with educating cardiovascular patients. This project promotes positive social change by the implementation of a patient education program that may improve patient education and adherence to cardiovascular medications. As a result, improved adherence to medications may reduce patient and healthcare related costs long term.

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