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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Mattie Burton


Nurses are expected to perform evidence-based practice (EBP) at the point of care (POC) to promote positive outcomes through the quality and safety of patient care. The struggle for nurses on the surgical digestive unit in a hospital to adopt EBP is the lack of access and knowledge to evidence-based research at the POC. The utilization of information technology is an innovated approach to providing access and knowledge for EBP at the POC to improve patient outcomes. The project was to develop a quality improvement program to improve nursing access and knowledge of EBP resources. The program was to identify the type of e-nursing resources and necessary education to provide nurses access to evidence-based resources and the knowledge to utilize these resources in nursing practice. The purpose of the doctoral project was set to identify necessary resources to develop an evidence-based program for staff nurses to access evidence-based resources and improve nursing knowledge on EBP at the POC. The use of the Stevens's star model of knowledge transformation was the framework for the project, and use of the logic model guided the structure for program evaluation. The quantitative project used a 1 group pre- and post-survey design using a convenience sample (n =10). A final statistical analysis to determine effectiveness of the educational intervention was inconclusive. Quantitative descriptive data from pre- and post-survey results were used to summarize recommendations for the future development of an EBP quality improvement project with the use of information technology tools. The further dissemination of the findings could promote new methods to implement quality improvement programs to improve the quality and safety of patient care to promote positive health outcomes.

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