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Rodney Ford


Experiencing financial hardship is stressful and can lead to the development of psychological symptoms, including depression and anxiety. Although researchers have examined the broad categories of coping strategies that people employ when faced with financial hardship, little is known about the experiences of single men who were able to navigate stressful times without developing anxiety or anxiety-like symptoms. The purpose of this phenomenological study was to explore the successful coping experiences of single men with financial hardship (e.g., loss of job, home, finances). Bonanno's theory of resilience provided the framework for the study. Data were collected from interviews with 12 single men ages 18 to 65 who identified as middle or lower SES and had experienced financial hardship within the past 8 years. Data were analyzed using Van Kaam's method, producing 10 thematic categories: definitions of stressors, personal financial stressors, worries, challenges, how stressors were experienced, supports, coping strategies, definitions of resilience, experience of resilience, and added information. Sports and sharing with others were common coping skills; this contributed to an improved understanding of how single men may respond when faced with negative financial events. Findings may be helpful to those who provide counseling services for clients in this category and may be used in training programs to teach strategies for managing financial stress.