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Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)


Business Administration


Dr. Gregory Uche


Lack of performance improvement strategies contributes to poor employee performance and increases the potential for business failure. Some insurance business leaders lack strategies to improve employee performance. The purpose of this case study was to explore strategies that successful insurance business leaders use to improve employee performance. The classical management and transformational leadership theories served as the conceptual frameworks for this study. Using a semistructured interview technique, 9 purposefully-selected insurance senior managers in Atlanta, Georgia were interviewed on how they successfully improved employee performance. Through open coding and thematic analysis, 4 themes emerged: goal setting and performance review; effective communication; training, coaching, and counseling; and good working environment and teamwork. Sixty-seven percent of participants cited effective communication, and 56% of respondents cited training, coaching, and counseling as well as a pleasant working environment and teamwork as strategies to improve the performance of employees. Findings for the 4 themes revealed that goal setting and performance review had positive effects on employee performance. Study findings show that a good working environment and teamwork have a positive effect on employee engagement. The findings of this study may contribute to positive social change by providing local insurance business leaders with additional strategies for improving employee performance. With improved employee performance, business leaders could generate extra revenue that they could use to advance community welfare.