Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Darragh E. Callahan


Researchers indicate repeated participation in violent video games increases the likelihood of aggressive and hurtful behavior toward others. Media violence is one of the most studied phenomena affecting children over the age of 8. Media violence has become accessible for very young children through various sources. The purpose of this study was to explore perspectives of parents and teachers of children 5 to 8 years old regarding children's exposure to violent media, their definitions of violent media, and parental monitoring practices. Questionnaires were completed by 35 parents, and 6 agreed to participate in face-to-face or telephonic interviews. Four teachers from kindergarten through second grade participated in face-to-face interviews. Bronfenbrenner's model of human ecology was the conceptual framework. A combination of a priori and open coding was used to support thematic analyses. Participants indicated they need to be more informed about the possible effects that exposure to violent media, specifically video games, has on children. Both parents and teachers noted that often it was the younger children, specifically of kindergarten age, who were exposed to the most amount of time with violent media. Implications for positive social change included ways to properly monitor children's access, such as more restrictions on time and content of the media. This research could provide support to advocacy groups to provide parents, educators, and policymakers with reliable data on children's media use and the impact it has on children.