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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Katherine Hayes Fondation


As a result of low student scores on math assessments and teachers' seeming inability to raise those scores, professional development (PD) interventions were developed to address teachers' knowledge and understanding of math instruction. The purpose of this case study was to gain a deeper understanding of teachers' experiences with the math staff development training and how those experiences influence their teaching and students' learning. Guided by constructivist theory, the key research questions addressed the math teachers' experiences with the math PD and what teachers perceive to be their needs for effective math PD. Data for this case study were collected through interviews and observations of 25 secondary math teachers at 3 high schools. The data were coded using an analytic method to discern themes and patterns. The findings indicated that PD should have a focus on strategies that are relevant, include team collaboration and time to observe demonstration lessons. As a result, a 3-day PD was designed to focus on specific course content taught by teachers, opportunities to observe lessons, and team collaboration to design lessons. This project study affects positive social change via a PD training program with consistent, pertinent and content-specific support for math teachers in the classroom. Teachers will be more engaged in the process, students will be more engaged in their learning, and the community will benefit from increased student success. Effective PD has the potential to improve teacher practice, thus student learning, enabling student success in school and beyond. Successful students make successful adults who live independent, constructive and fulfilled lives.