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Peggy Locke


Transition education is a required component of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Information Act of 2004, and all students who have disabilities must have a transition education plan to prepare them for life after high school. However, there are no definitive standards for transition programs, and it is unclear how administrators with successful transition education programs support those programs to make them successful. The purpose of this qualitative interview study was to examine how administrators of successful programs perceive transition education programs. Systems theory provided the framework for this study because administrators can impact the entire special education system by acting on their beliefs. The participants were 6 administrators from 2 different schools with successful transition programs. Two interviews with each participant were used to gather data. Data were coded using open coding and analyzed to find emerging themes. Results indicated that administrators at these 2 school sites provided various support to help their programs be successful, including funding and decision-making assistance. The administrators had a positive perception of transition education outcomes, with the belief that such programs are important and needed by students with disabilities. This study contributes to research by indicating that administrators with successful transition programs make the programs' success a priority, working to gain various support for the programs and benefiting the students who need these programs.