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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Cathryn White


In a Texas school district, administrators did not monitor the fidelity of implementation (FOI) of the Montessori kindergarten program implemented in 2005, which left administrators without empirical data regarding program implementation. The purpose of this qualitative evaluative case study was to explore teachers' and administrators' perceptions and implementation of the Montessori program. Using the implementation of science framework, which involves examining FOI by monitoring interventions, implementation methods, enabling contexts, and intended outcomes, data were collected through interviews, nonparticipatory observations, and a review of archived Montessori documents. A convenience sample of 10 Montessori teachers, who met criteria of over 5 years of teaching experience, and 2 or more years experience teaching in the Montesorri program, and administrators who met criteria of supervising Montesorri grades, volunteered to participate in this study. Data were analyzed using comparative and inductive analyses and analytical coding. Findings from the data resulted in emergence of 5 themes: administrative support and capacity building for the Montessori program to support FOI, availability of more advanced Montessori resources, peer coaching to support novice Montesorri teachers, precise and consistent comprehension of the Montessori learning model, and relevant and targeted professional development related to Montesorri program implementation. A 3-day professional development project was designed to promote FOI of the Montessori program for teachers and administrators. The project will improve stakeholders' knowledge and capacity building to strengthen Montesorri program FOI and promote students' academic success.

Fidelity of Implementation of an Urban Elementary Montessori Kindergarten Program


DaMesia D. Starling

MS, Walden University, 2010

BS, Jarvis Christian College, 2003

Project Study Submitted in Partial Fulfillment

of the Requirements for the Degree of

Doctor of Education

Walden University

April 2018